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The Italian Polo Federation - Federazione Polo Italiana (FPI) is the foundation on which the continued development of polo as a key resource is stood.
In conjunction with the Italian government, regional administrations and the most competent private companies the FPI has begun to expand its multidisciplinary project to create a unique non-extractive resource sector of the economy all based on the sport of polo.
FPI has achieved this by focusing a series of bespoke projects designed to make the most efficient use of the geographical resources in each territory and increasing the value of the human capital through careers and culture. Every year there has been an increase in the status and prestige of international polo championships held in Italy and the number of ongoing events and activities. Within this framework the FPI has expanded the tourism sector and increased the production side of the fashion and design departments.
Italy has become the world centre for polo infrastructure and within the country today there are 16 polo clubs, 5 of which are located in Rome and its surrounding area. Aside from the sport itself there are also intensive educational programs for all age groups aimed at creating specialists to work with all aspects of polo around the world.
Thanks to the innovative integration policies of FPI President Vladlena Hermés - The world-renowned social entrepreneur, social activist and promoter of polo- the FPI was also one of the founders of the EURASIAN POLO COMMITTEE, who are the catalyst behind the formation of the Polo Federations in CIS countries encouraging them to develop their markets to an international level and to give them something to be truly proud of.
In cooperation with the Federazione Polo Italiana, CIS countries are able to use polo as a unique tool to effectively reduce unemployment across many sectors of the economy and reduce their reliance on selling natural resources and boosting entrepreneurship and business innovation. These projects ensure the optimal use of the non-raw material resources of these regions: The beautiful landscapes, history, culture and most importantly the people.
Using polo not just as a sport but as a business with many inter-related facets provides a variety of opportunities to people from all walks of life. Through FPI people can learn not just about the polo world as a whole but become an industry specialist.